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We’ve gotten many messages from employees and community members asking how they can help NICHE and help raise awareness about challenges at LHN. Here are a few steps you can take–and we’d love to hear suggestions from others who are making their voices heard:

1. Like our Facebook Page If you are concerned about speaking publicly, send us a direct message via Facebook or share a comment at to remain anonymous.

2. Spread the word about our Facebook page and website so others stay informed. This effort will ultimately be successful only if a critical mass of community members are part of the conversation. We also have many out-of-town followers and observers who need to hear what’s happening locally.

3. Send letters to the editors of the Journal Gazette ( and News-Sentinel (…)

4. Encourage your neighbors or friends to speak up on your behalf if you want to remain anonymous.

5. Consider making a donation, even a modest one, to NICHE (…). Our organization is entirely volunteer led (without pay), and funding allows us to offset our modest administrative costs and ensure our efforts remain sustainable.

6. Most importantly, please remember and help spread the word about our mission. We are committed to QUALITY—real quality—and want to work for BETTER PATIENT CARE throughout northeast Indiana.