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Why Dupont Hospital’s Top 100 Ranking Matters – Part 1

We return to the challenging task of speaking kindly of Lutheran Health Network. As previously noted, we do so because LHN’s CEO, Mike Poore, seems not to return phone calls and has not returned our offer to print favorable news of LHN. But, it is a pleasure to discuss Dupont Hospital of Fort Wayne.

Dupont Hospital is listed as a Top 100 Hospital in the United States, as determined by Truven Health Analytics and IBM Watson Health (read the full report at…/100_Top_Hospitals_Study_2017_2…). Dupont joins IU Health’s Ball Hospital, St. Vincent’s in Carmel, Parkview’s Regional Medical Center, and the small but mighty Henry Community Health hospital in New Castle. That’s it for the State of Indiana. It is a big deal and Allen County is the only county that has two such hospitals.

Why is it a big deal? Let us list the ways:
• The rankings are based on data from Truven Health Analytics and IBM Watson Health as a study of evidence-based medical management.
• It is a balanced scorecard used for 24 years and is independent and unbiased, using only objective, public data sources. No one pays to play; it is about academic research on leadership best practices.
• What sets the Top 100 apart is that they:
o Had lower inpatient mortality considering patient severity
o Had fewer patient complications
o Sent patients home sooner
o Scored 10 points higher on patient ratings of their overall hospital experience
o Kept expenses low

And there’s more, but you get the idea. Projections from this study indicate that if the benchmarks of high performance set by these 100 hospitals were true for all U.S. hospitals, the following would be true:
• 89,000 lives would be saved
• 61,000 additional patients could be complication-free
• Over $5.6 Billion in inpatient costs could be saved
• Patients would go home a half-day sooner with 2% fewer expenses
• And much more

After posting so much negative news, it is a pleasure to congratulate both local hospitals, Dupont and Parkview, for notable achievements that we believe is in part attributable to local governance. We can only hope that this good work continues.