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We are pleased that CHS is listening to the Journal Gazette, NICHE, and its patients, physicians, and nurses. One small indication of this: they have removed from their website the list of “118 Top Performing Hospitals” that cited by the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation from 2014 and referenced in our Facebook post last week. It is good that they no longer offer corporate support to the proposal that a one-star hospital deserves Top Performer listing—as NICHE suggested in our post. The CHS website disclaimer now states that each hospital is responsible for posting such details and that it is not the position of CHS corporate entity to attend to such details.

Interestingly, still in circulation on the Internet is a CHS slideshow presentation for financial investors citing its Top Performer listings. CHS may wish to disclaim this as being dated as well.

We hope that the weakened financial position of CHS does not prevent them from supporting increases in quality, especially at their one and two-star rated hospitals—and that they will make the necessary investments to make each of their facilities worthy of a four-star rating.