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Good on ya, Marty Bonick

We, at NICHE, don’t know why Marty Bonick has resigned his position as Community Health Systems (CHS) President of Operations for the division that includes Lutheran Health Network (LHN). That may become clear over time, but we’d like to think that you saw no hope for Nirvana at Community Health. Money and title are not enough to make one comfortable with cutting costs that make nurses, physicians, janitors and cafeteria workers struggle with dated equipment; to find personal pleasure as hospitals are down-rated and lose stars; and to cause dedicated local citizens to resign from positions with a hospital about which they care deeply. Many local community volunteer board members—experienced business leaders who understand what it takes to create a successful bottom line—resigned when they saw the harmful effects of CHS policies that violated their own core values. One’s soul is probably not crushed by a single incident, a single firing, a single upgrade denial, but over time, one avoids looking in the mirror.

Charles Bukowski is known for saying: “If you’re losing your soul and you know it, then you’ve still got a soul left to lose.” Many remain at Lutheran because of pride and because they care. Others have left for the very same reasons. We congratulate you, Mr. Bonick, hoping that you left for the right reasons. As our Aussie friends say: “Good on ya.”