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Wayne Smith is the CEO of Community Health Systems (CHS)—the company that owns Lutheran Health Network (LHN). Those who keep track of such things say that he has visited Fort Wayne and Lutheran Hospital but once in ten years despite LHN being one of CHS’s leading assets.

Several Lutheran Hospital board members have talked to Mr. Smith, urging him to visit, rally morale, and show his support. As best we can tell, however, he has not complied, despite many of his company’s corporate jets making flights to our city.

His picture is included here so you will recognize him on the off chance that he graces us with a visit. Please make him feel at home. If you see Mr. Smith, please thank him for resurfacing the parking lot and compliment Mr. Smith on his goal to increase Lutheran’s nurse-to-patient ratio should funds be available to accomplish that goal. Also, however, let him know that you think it is a bad idea to rid the Lutheran Hospital medical staff of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and emergency room physicians. And finally, please let Mr. Smith know that NICHE would like to interview when he is here as part of our journalistic, educational mission.

And if you don’t see him, you can call 615-465-7000 and invite him to come to Fort Wayne. Perhaps if we’re persistent, we’ll get some answers.