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We are pleased to report happy news and congratulate a few LHN executives for receiving promotions. We understand that decisions were made to fill vacant and currently temporary posts at Lutheran Health Network and were reported over a joyful dinner party with spouses, to wit:

– Mr. Mike Poore will take the position of CEO of Lutheran Health Networks. He will also, we expect, take charge of media matters. 
– Mr. Kirk Ray will become Lutheran Hospital CEO, reporting to Mr. Poore.
– Mr. Cory Snider, also at Dupont, will move to Assistant CEO at Lutheran Hospital.
– Ms. Maurine Cate, recently of Deaconess Hospital, Spokane WA, and after a whirlwind interview in Florida, will become CEO of Saint Joseph’s Hospital. This may be good news on several fronts. Mr. Brad Cash of Community Health Systems had been said to favor closing Saint Joseph’s Hospital, and perhaps the assignment of Ms. Cate to the CEO spot indicates a change of heart. We hope that is the case.

– Mr. Kirk Ray has served as CEO at St. Joseph’s Hospital and at Kosciusko Community Hospital, another CHS facility, after an abrupt and unexplained departure from DeKalb Hospital in Auburn, Indiana. His experiences should serve the region well. Here is an interview with Ray upon his departure from
St. Joe:…/dekalb-health-ceo-ki…

We congratulate all of these hospital administrators and wish them great success.

This report is the result of reports from NICHE friends who tell us that, as Yogi Berra said, “you can observe a lot by just watching.” And listening. We will call CHS Headquarters tomorrow to confirm these appointments with CEO, Mr. Wayne Smith, or perhaps Mr. Tianqiao Chen. One never knows who is available.

If these promotions are confirmed, we are certain that many members of the local print and broadcast media will be excited to learn Mr. Poore’s vision for LHN and it’s successful future in a difficult landscape of ever-changing models for care delivery and accountability for clinical outcomes.

A footnote: We understand there have been several more, perhaps four, Lutheran Board resignations. This will deprive the Board of even less local oversight and opinion. Unfortunate, but perhaps the appointments above will provide some stability.