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Yesterday’s Journal Gazette included this profile of new Lutheran Health Network (LHN) CEO Mike Poore:…/ex-colleagues-praise-luther…

The piece featured a number of quotes from friends and former colleagues who know Poore well, highlighting his past successes. NICHE is optimistic that Poore proves true to this profile, given the challenges LHN is facing. Can he bring those talents to bear on the St. Joseph Regional Burn Center, which is in danger of losing its ABA verification? Can he bring staffing up to a level consistent with LHN competitor Parkview Health? Can he help maintain the high standard of care at Dupont Hospital and retain its four-star status? Can he turn around Lutheran Hospital, the largest of the LHN facilities, and address long-neglected maintenance, quality, and infrastructure issues? And perhaps most importantly, can he fix broken relationships with physicians and staff—and “earn [their] trust” as he pledges to do in the pages of the Journal Gazette?

Time will tell—but NICHE wishes him well, for the good of LHN and our community.