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A few weeks ago, a commenter asked NICHE to list “the physicians that have been ‘rid’ from Lutheran” under the leadership of Community Health Systems. Developing such a list is challenging given that names continue to be added and some individuals have left quietly on their own accord. In addition, it’s not just about physicians; several executives, caregivers, and board members. This, then, is just a sample from Michael Poore’s first 90 days as LHN CEO:

Brian Bauer
Maureen Bultemeyer
James Cameron
Matt Carr
Mike Eikenberry
Aaron Garafola
Jenny Garver
Rudy Kachmann
Tom Kelley
Steve Orlow
Geoff Randolph
Todd Rumsey
Vince Scavo
Don Schenkel
Kevin Stockmaster
Gina Stuart
Chuck Surack
Arvind Surendran
Matt Sutter
Daryl Yost

Of course, this leads to another question: who’s next? And what level of local control yet exists with the loss of these talented people?