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Yesterday, we posted a letter from Lutheran Health Network CEO Michael Poore, which included promises about LHN providing “a better, more convenient experience for our patients, better outcomes and ultimately lower costs for our patients and local employers.” NICHE is holding Mr. Poore to his word, and to upholding the promises included in LHN-owner Community Health Systems’ “Statement of Beliefs”–included below and available online here:…/2017/06/Final-2017-2018-Code-of-Conduc…

NICHE shares the vision that all northeast Indiana healthcare patients will receive “personalized, caring, and efficient service” and that LHn will make “total satisfaction [its] top priority and…will experience great improvements in attaining total satisfaction for all who entrust their care to the LHN team.”

Statement of Beliefs



We believe that each community served is different and that the success of each facility depends upon the actions of each colleague, physician, contractor, and agent of that facility. We have adopted the following Statement of Beliefs that summarizes the commitments of the organization’s constituents to our patients, colleagues, physicians, and the communities served.

We are dedicated to providing personalized, caring, and efficient service to our patients with total satisfaction as our top priority.

We recognize the value of each colleague in providing high
quality, personalized care to our patients.

We encourage colleague involvement in quality improvement to improve processes on an ongoing basis.

We advocate participation in community activities.

We are committed to involving physicians in partnership, both as consumers of service and as providers in ensuring quality care.

We are devoted through services, quality, and innovation to provide continued healthcare leadership in the communities we serve.

Although aspects of the Compliance Program focus on various legal areas, the primary focus of the Compliance Program is to ensure that internal policies and controls, training and education, and auditing and monitoring are in place to help prevent, detect, and deter fraud, abuse, and waste in government health care programs.Accordingly, we are dedicated to compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations, including privacy and security of patient health information, coding, billing, and documentation guidelines, and financial arrangements.