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In something of a departure from NICHEs usual topics, today we’re building off this opinion piece from Sweetwater CEO and former Lutheran Hospital Board Member Chuck Surack:…/learning-to-play-and-playin…

Many may recall that in 1975, Canterbury School was chartered in reaction to music education being removed from public school curricula. Since then, it has become clear that music is strongly linked both to learning and medicine–and minds have been changed accordingly. This information from the National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health provides a quick review of music as an integral part of wellness and of the art of medicine:

In Fort Wayne, a group based at the Indiana University School of Medicine at IPFW has begun a study of effects of music on several diseases, including a look at the degree to which live music has a favorable effect on at-rest tremors. The IU School of Medicine has also received a grant for similar studies in Indianapolis. There is much still to be learned, but it is clear that music is an important discipline for holistic medicine with metrics that can both be seen and measured.

In education, the relationships between music and mathematics have long been known—since the time of Pythagoras. It has been thought, but not finally proven, that music skills and math skills reinforce each other. This article in Scientific American speaks to the difficulty of proof:…/is-there-a-link-betwe…/

Nonetheless, it is quite clear that achievement in music is at least somewhat contingent on mastery of mathematics, as this video from the Sante Fe Orchestra demonstrates:

More videos from the Santa Fe Institute’s “Music + Math” series can be found here:…

In this brief glimpse of those intersections, we want to express our appreciation for the support that Sweetwater provides for music and medicine in Fort Wayne.