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Q: As a Lutheran employee, I’m being asked DAILY what a bedside nurse or employee can do to help Lutheran or make an impact? Is this something you can address?

A: NICHE believes that you can only help patients and fellow caregivers, the best you can for as long as you can. In our view, CHS management will ask as much of you as you will give to accommodate large patient loads. In Orwell’s Animal Farm, it was Boxer, the horse, whose maxim was “I will work harder,” and who was betrayed and sent to the glue factory instead of to a hospital. When Orwell’s pigs become the managers at the end of the book, no one can tell the difference between the pigs and human beings. We are quick to say that a hospital is not a farm and LHN managers are not porcine, but it does seem that management has prospered. What would happen if an overburdened employee asked the CEO for more help?

Q: Are you aware that Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala, Fla., is owned by CHS and has fired three nurses for refusing high patient loads in a cardiac unit?

A: We see no reports in the Ocala media. However, assuming the cited numbers are accurate, no one should support unsafe staff levels.

Q: We hear that CHS is looking at other downtown locations in Fort Wayne. Where might they be?

A: We have discussed the Omnisource property, also called “River North,” on Clinton. Also in consideration are the actively-producing Aunt Millie’s building on Pearl Street (also known as Sunbeam Bread, owned by the Popp family: see and Southtown Mall, 7800 S Anthony Blvd–a location that appears ready for renewal (see Considerable preparation would be needed at all sites, and the bread factory is in active production. Southtown Mall is not to be confused with Southgate Plaza, a forty-acre, functioning shopping area on Petit Avenue south of downtown.