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Amino ( is a healthcare database company in San Francisco that provides free access to healthcare data. They modestly submit that visitors to their site can “Get access to information you can’t find anywhere else—from cost estimates at facilities to detailed stats about every doctor in America. Amino is a quick and easy way to find and book the right care at the right price.We analyze data on nearly every doctor and facility in America to match their experience with your needs.”

That could be serious stuff–but on the lighter side, Amino submits these statistics, combed out of accident reports and billing codes, relating to the holidays. For example…
– 8,900 people were injured while sledding last year. Probably means you are safe in Florida.
– 29,700 patients were diagnosed with “Fall due to ice and snow”
– 9,700 patients were diagnosed with “Superficial frostbite” last holiday season.
– 1,600 patients were diagnosed with “Activity, cooking, and baking” as a cause of injury last holiday season.
– 200 patients were diagnosed with “Problems in relationship with in-laws” as a cause of injury last holiday season. NICHE sees this as remarkably good news. If only 200 patients from Amino’s database of 9 billion claims had in-law problems, Wow! Better than one in a million.
– 11,700 patients were diagnosed with “Fall from ladder” as a cause of injury last holiday season.

For more, see…/strange-yet-surprisingly-common-holida…/

All of this comes from the ICD10 World of medical coding, the system that gave us code V91.07XA “Burn from Water Skis on Fire.” For those who would like to dig deeper, a book “Struck by Orca” is available for holiday giving ( We are told that no one has yet used “Struck by Orca” but that W6132, “Struck by Chicken” has been used 200 times, 300 patients were bitten by a pig, and over 17,000 patients have “Walked into a Wall.” And W52 provides a warning: 1,300 patients were crushed, pushed, or stepped on by a crowd or human stampede.

What this means:
– Now you know why physicians hate the coding system
– Medical codes indicate that in-law problems rarely exist
– Please be careful. Avoid pigs and chickens during the holidays.